HPPS User Access to bwDataArchiv with SFTP

First register for the bwDataArchive service. You will receive a service specific user name and password and fill a registration form. In an email you will receive further instructions. After your personal information was successfully validated, your account will be approved to transfer data. Depending on the time of your registration, this may take some hours or up to two working days.

Log in using your bwDataArchive user name (e.g. 'xxx'):
sftp xxx does-not-exist.archive-sftp lsdf kit edu


[user@yourhost ~]# sftp k23 does-not-exist.archive-sftp lsdf kit edu
Connecting to archive-sftp.lsdf.kit.edu...
k23 does-not-exist.archive-sftp lsdf kit edu's password:
sftp> ls -l
drwx------    4 k23      12345         512 Nov 23 16:51 private
sftp> cd private
sftp> pwd
Remote working directory: /private

The directory 'private' itself cannot be removed or renamed. Just create folders inside 'private' to organize your data.

server fingerprints: During your first connection you might want to be sure to connect to the right server(s) and there is no man-in-the-middle attack. Therefore, here are the fingerprints of our sftp servers in different formats - use the one your client supports:

  • For the RSA key:
  • For the ecdsa key


  • For the ed25519: